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Data Protection Notice

We take the privacy and secure handling of your personal data very seriously. Our web servers automatically record information of a general nature only, such as the pages you visit, time on the respective pages or what keywords you enter into search engines. This is information that we need for the statistical analysis of our website. This of course is only used anonymously. A retransmission of your data to our provider only takes place for statistical purposes.

Anonymous Data Collection and Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Personal data will only be collected and processed if you share it with us for personalized services, for example for our newsletter or for ordering brochures. A transmission of your data is carried out voluntarily. You can object to the processing of your personal data at any time by notifying us at our address given in the imprint. In principle, the anonymous use of this site is also possible. Your data will not be sold, leased, or in any way provi-ded to a third party.